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Top 10 Places to Buy Anime and Manga Goods In Japan

Japan is often associated with their iconic animations, or "Anime" for short. Accompanied by standard stylizations like big eyes and long limbs, anime has become popular all over the world. There are so many different types of hobbies under the general pop-culture. Some fans like to collect goods,  such as stationery. Others like to collect figures of their favorite characters, and some like to dress up as their favorite characters. This post will explore the top 10 places we recommend to meet all your anime needs.

 1. Animate

Expect to find the latest in anime goods at Animate! —Photo from Flickr cc by Dick Thomas Johnson

With more than 100 branches all across Japan, Animate is considered one of the largest retailers of anime goods in the country. Its first branch opened in 1983 in Ikebukuro and is still there today! Being one of Japan's largest retailer for anime goods, you can definitely expect to see new and up to date anime merchandise with every visit!

2. Cospatio

Which anime character would you love to cosplay? — Photo from Flickr cc by m-louis
Also known as "Cospa", Cospatio is the "go-to" spot for all your cosplay needs. What is "cosplay"? Cosplay is a combination of two words: costume and play. People participating in cosplay, called cosplayers, wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. From costumes, wigs, makeup and small accessories, Cospatio will definitely have something for every cosplayer. Or any anime enthusiast in general.

3. Gamers

Endless rows of manga await you at Gamers — Photo by Nathan Hosken

As its name implies, Gamers sells games! But aside from games, you can expect to see a lot more manga, anime and light novels. What is a light novel? A light novel often referred to as "Ranobe" and is a type of pulp magazine. In recent years, many anime and manga have been adapted from light novels. If you're a big fan of manga or want to improve your Japanese reading skills (manga is a great learning tool!), why not check out Gamers?

4. Mandarake 

You can find Mandarake in Akihabara, Shibuya, Nakano and many other places! — Photo by Nathan Hosken

If you love anime but don't have the luxury to buy every single fan item, try Mandarake. Known as "the" place to go for second-hand anime and manga related goods. You can even sell your old anime goods at Mandarake to later buy more awesome anime goods! Aside from anime and manga, you can also find used games and figurines.

5. Don Quijote 

What can't you find at Don Quijote? — Photo from Flickr cc by tsuda

More likely than not you've heard of the famed Don Quijote. Carrying everything and anything, it's no surprise this discount store also has anime goods. Don Quijote carries affordable cosplays and other items!

6. Sofmap 

With 44 stores nation-wide, Sofmaps are pretty much everywhere — Photo by Nathan Hosken

Well known for their electronic goods, Sofmap also sells games, anime, manga and figurines. You can expect to find a lot of figurines from various companies and brands.

7. Yamashiroya  

6 floors of anime goodness — Photo from Flickr cc by Shumpei Sano

With about 6 floors of nothing but anime and game goodies, Yamashiroya has made a name for itself domestically as one of "the" places to go for anime related needs. Each floor provides a different theme of goods from fantasy to trending games, to anime characters.

8. Lashinbang

A lot of dojinshi can be found at Lashinbang — Photo from Flickr cc by jun560

Lashinbang is a second-hand shop known for having hard to find anime collectibles, second-hand goods, and dojinshis. Dojinshis are known as expansions upon current anime or manga, like fan fiction of a sort, usually self-published by the author.

9. Nakano Broadway

Idol and anime goods can be found at the Nakano Broadway shopping complex! — Photo by Julie Fader

The famous shopping complex, Nakano Broadway, is well known for having endless rows of anime and idol related goods. Nakano Broadway has four floors of vintage and modern anime and idol goods, and other miscellaneous items. The complex even includes a dozen Mandarake stores, which, as we mentioned before, are full of manga!

10. Otome Road

 A whole area dedicated to just anime and manga! — Photo from Flickr cc by ozuma.

This stretch of road near the Sunshine City complex in Ikebukuro is home to a number of manga, anime and game stores. All the big name stores can be found here: Mandarake, Big K and Animate, among others. Known as Otome Road, or "Maiden Road", the area even has its own souvenirs or omiyage.




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