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Maiko & Geisha makeover experience in Kyoto

Maiko & Geisha makeover experience in Kyoto

Many of you might be thinking about the Maiko or Geisha makeover while in Kyoto.  I wanted to share my experience.

Making the reservation and getting there

I came across Aya while reading about makeover experiences.
The Reservation was easy to make and I had to choose Geisha or Maiko makeover. I got the Maiko makeover. As the plan we had the Couple Plan, which includes mens Kimono and photo shoot of both of us. We had to choose a date and time when we would like to come there and they confirmed the time with an email.
Getting there is kind of hard so as they say in their website a taxi is the best way to get there. Don´t go to the small alleys stay on the bigger streets or you may get lost. 

The Makeover

First they took us inside a small common room where we filled up some information and choose which kind of photos we wanted to take. After that they took me to the women's dressing room and my boyfriend had to wait in the common room (which has free wi-fi). 
When I had changed to the undergarments I went to the makeup station. There I get to choose which kind of makeup I wanted, mature or cute. I chose the cute one.  After the makeup they put on a very heavy wig. Then they comb some of your hair on the wig so it looks more natural. If you don´t have black hair they are going to spray it black to match the wig. When the makeup was done,  they went to get my boyfriend and he went to change to his undergarments.
After that we both went to the kimono dressing room where we get to choose our kimono, obi and hair accessories


There is a professional photographer who took our pictures. We could also take pictures at the same time with our own camera from the side. They took a couple of pictures of me and then a couple of pictures of both of us. After the photo shoot we had 10 minutes of our own time to take pictures. We had to take them outside because there was another group coming to take their pictures in the room.

After the photoshoot

We went back to the kimono dressing room and they undressed us. After that I went back to the women's dressing room and start to take off my makeup and wash my hair in the sink. They will offer you makeup removers, towels and hair dryers.  I would recommend to wash your hair again after you get back to the hotel because this stuff is very hard to get off.
When I was ready I went back to the common room where my boyfriend was waiting. While they made our photos and other stuff we had time to write messages to our photo which they will put inside albums that other guests can look at.


I really had a great time and now I can check one thing out from my bucket list. After all the preparations I really do have respect for the Geisha´s and Maiko´s, they do all that every day. 

You can check more from their side:




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